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Homeless People's Network Subscription Page

If you've ever been homeless--or are now--here's a new list just for you.

To subscribe, send e-mail to co-listowner Sandra Sutton at sandra.sutton@gmail.com

Place the words "HPNLIST" in the subject line blank, and in the first line of the body write:

"subscribe hpnlist " (where you want mail sent)

In the next line, include the sentence:

"I am currently or formerly homeless."

Say also "I will post and reply to HPNLIST and it's members under one name only." (This helps avoid confusion as to facts and who wrote what.)

Add where you found out about HPNLIST.***

Once you're signed up, HPNLIST will send you a welcome post, which cites addresses to join, unjoin or get help with bounced posts.

Thanks. Welcome to our family at Homeless People's Network.
--Sandra Sutton on behalf of Tom Boland, HPNLIST listowner