Re: My dog arrested for being on the streets with a homeless man.

Tom Boland (
Fri, 25 Sep 1998 21:33:59 -0400

Catalina, I was saddened to read that your dog, you and a homeless friend
had been harrassed.  I'm glad you got Rex back.  The poor will remain the
world's kick-dogs - unless we stand up for our rights.

Your description of your dog's arrest and its aftermath is powerful
writing, a graphic example of routine police harrassment of poor , homeless
and psychiatrically labeled people.  Too often, the message we get from
people in authority is "stay out of downtown"- or the upscale neighborhood
- or the university district - or anywhere but jail, the psychiatric ward
or the grave.

The prison-industrial-complex has become our nation's policy choice of
first resort for sheltering the poor.  The rich may benefit from this
policy, but the poor pay the price.  Who will draw the line and say both
bravely and peacably "not one more eviction, not one more arrest for the
crime of poverty"?

May you and Rex have all you need, indluding a safe, secure place to abide,
from which you cannot be driven off.

Don't give up, Catalina.  The road to justice is long, and you do not walk
alone.  Carry on!

Seeking peaceful means to heomeless peoples' aims. -- Tom Boland

Catalina Rhodes <> on 9/25/98 wrote HPN, in part:
>I decided that I would lie down and sleep on the street, where they had
>removed my dog. So, I got my sleeping bag and there I laid in the same
>spot under the tree.  No sooner had I done so then the security from the
>University came over and asked me to move on. I told them no, I would
>not move on. I pulled my sleeping bag over my face and ignored them.
>Well there I laid thinking,,hmm, what would they do? I wondered if it
>was legal to sleep on the city sidewalks? I kept wondering my fate, then
>the city police arrived. A bright flashlite shown on my face. The
>policeman wanted me to move on..I said I did not have a place to go. He
>told me I could not sleep on the sidewalks. We were at an inpass, then
>the security came over and said..that I was that wierdo woman with the
>dog. So the police threatened me with arrest for assault and this guy
>was going to press charges. Then the city ploice asked if I was mentally
>ill again? I told him I was mentally disturbed over my dog...
>When I was growing up, my parents taught me to respect the law and honor
>those who serve it.  So, last Thursday, I lost a small piece of myself,
>I realized one cannot respect nor honor our government or it's systems.
>The system is there to protect the money and the makers of money not for
>the little guy. A street person or the homeless are worthless in the
>eyes of our system. I hold no hope and am so saddened...

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