Re: Hello/People to End Homelessness

Tom Boland (
Fri, 25 Sep 1998 12:16:53 -0400

Welcome back, Catalina!  Thanks for writing.

>Hi are all my friends on HPN doing...

Well, except that I too had no computer access for most of the last month.
Now I have a new computer to use, with much more memory (a Macintosh Quadra
610).  A faulty wall socket had fried out my old computer.  It took me ten
days to find someone to assess the problem without charging "cash money",
and a few more days to get and install the new computer., plus repair the
shorting electrical outlet.

But hey, now I'm back online, as are you.  I'd like to hear more from you
onlist about your current work with the group People to End Homelessness.

Also, I invite  other HPNers to update us on the homelessness situation in
your respective communities.   And If you're a new member or haven't yet
introduced yourself to the list, please do so.  Thanks.

Write on, folks. -- Tom Boland

>I am happy to say.  I now have my computer back... and my access...thank
>god. I know how lucky I am. I have enjoyed reading all the messages..
>Finally, I can send messages back to you all.  It was frustrating being
>slienced, but able to hear everything going on about me. Twas very
>strange, but I shall write more to the list. I have lots of questions..
>Catalina Rhodes <>

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