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Theodore Latham (
Thu, 17 Sep 1998 11:00:43 PDT


    I am forwarding this request to the Homeless people's Network 
Discussion List. I'm sure you'll get the help you need there.


Tedrico Latham

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Tony Boston <> wrote:
>To: <>
>Hi!  I'm doing some urgent work with a group of agencies in Toronto to 
>try and prevent City Council from imposing 0 tolerance style 
> Do you have any information, any URLs, any agency names from New York 
>who might be able to tell us the impact of the 0 tolerance on the poor, 
>homeless, on squeegeers etc.?
>Much appreciated.
>Tony Boston
>Tony Boston
>31 Princess Street #102
>Toronto, Ontario M5A 2S8
>(416) 360-6663 - phone
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