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Children's Defense Fund Update
September 4, 1998

In this issue:
-- Violence Prevention
-- Minimum Wage
-- Update on Child Care and Development Block Grant


-- S. 10, the Violent and Repeat Juvenile Offender Act --
The Senate returned on August 31 with the sponsors of S. 10,  Sens. Hatch
(R-UT) and Sessions (R-AL), still vowing to bring S. 10 to the floor for a
vote before the expected October recess.  Last night (September 3), the two
Senators made one attempt to have S. 10 brought before the Senate, but they
were blocked by an objection from the Democratic side.  While time is
short, there may still be efforts by the sponsors of S. 10 to move the bill
or pieces of it through the Senate, particularly as the elections approach.

Reportedly, there are some changes that have been made to S. 10.  But even
under the +ACI-new+ACI- S. 10, children would still not be removed from adult jails
and prisons+ADs- children's juvenile records would be much more widely shared+ADs-
and children would still have to be expelled for bringing tobacco, alcohol,
or drugs to school.  What's more, the measure still emphasizes punishment
of children over prevention of violence with inadequate gun safety
provisions and insufficient funds for prevention programs.

+ACoAKgAq-ACTION NEEDED:  Please contact your Senators one more time and urge them
to hold firm in opposing S. 10.  We have prevented S. 10 from coming to a
floor vote for over a year (it was reported out of committee in July 1997)+ADs-
this is the final push+ACE-

-- H.R. 218 --
H.R. 218 would allow all citizens who have permission to carry concealed
weapons in their home state to carry concealed weapons in all other states.
While originally proposed solely for law enforcement, it was amended in the
House Judiciary Committee to cover all citizens.  The bill has now been
moved to the suspension calendar in the House, so that it can not be
further amended on the floor.  A vote is predicted later this month.  (This
proposal is not presently pending in the Senate, although there have been
indications that it could be added to S. 10.)

+ACoAKgAq-ACTION NEEDED:  Please contact your Representative and urge him/her to
oppose H.R. 218.  More weapons in our communities will not reduce the more
than 5,000 deaths of children each year from intentional and accidental


-- Senate Vote Coming Up Soon on Minimum Wage --
Senator Kennedy (D-MA) is introducing his bill to increase the minimum wage
to +ACQ-6.15/hour in the year 2000 as an amendment to the Bankruptcy Reform
bill now before the Senate.  A first attempt to defeat the minimum wage
increase may come as early as Tuesday, September 8, when opponents may try
to get the 60 votes needed to limit debate on the Bankruptcy Reform Bill
and prevent unrelated amendments like minimum wage from being offered to
that bill.  There is enough support for a minimum wage increase to make it
unlikely that debate will be limited, but YOUR HELP IS NEEDED to assure
that a bipartisan majority votes FOR a minimum wage increase when it comes

+ACoAKgAq-ACTION NEEDED:  Please contact your senators (especially those listed
below) to urge them to vote for Senator Kennedy's minimum wage bill (S.
1805), as an amendment to the Bankruptcy Reform bill (S. 1301), or whenever
else the vote is scheduled.

The only Democratic senators who have not yet pledged to vote for a minimum
wage increase are Baucus (D-MT+ADs- 202-224-2651), Breaux (D-LA+ADs- 202-224-4623),
Glenn (D-OH+ADs- 202-224-3353), Graham (D-FL+ADs- 202-224-3041), Robb (D-VA+ADs-
202-224-4024), and Wyden (D-OR+ADs- 202-224-5244).  These Senators have been
supportive of raising the minimum wage in the past, and there is every hope
they will do so again, but hearing from you would be very helpful+ACE-

Republican senators who are considered important prospects (those with
asterisks have voted for it in the past) include +ACo-Campbell (R-CO+ADs-
202-224-5852)+ADs- Collins (R-ME+ADs- 202-224-2523)+ADs- +ACo-Chafee (R-RI+ADs- 202-224-2921)+ADs-
+ACo-D'Amato (R-NY+ADs- 202-224-6542)+ADs- +ACo-Murkowski (R-AK+ADs- 202-224-6665)+ADs- +ACo-Santorum
(R-PA+ADs- 202-224-6324)+ADs- Gordon Smith (R-OR+ADs- 202-224-3753)+ADs- +ACo-Snowe (R-ME+ADs-
202-224-5344)+ADs- +ACo-Specter (R-PA+ADs- 202-224-4254)+ADs- +ACo-Stevens (R-AK 202-224-3004).

- The Kennedy bill (S.1805) would raise the minimum wage 50 cents an hour
in 1999 ( to +ACQ-5.65) and another 50 cents in the year 2000.

- If we do nothing, by the year 2000 the real value of the minimum wage
will be only +ACQ-4.82 an hour -- almost as low as it was when the 1996
increase was enacted.

- A full-time minimum wage worker earns +ACQ-10,700 a year -- +ACQ-2,950 below the
poverty level for a family of three.

- Seven in ten poor children lived in a family where an adult worked,
according to 1996 U.S. Census figures.

The Senate Appropriations Committee reported out the FY 1999 Labor, Health
+ACY- Human Services, Education Bill on Thursday, September 3.  It includes a
+ACQ-181 million increase in the Child Care and Development Block Grant that
would be effective October 1, 1999.  The bill also included a +ACQ-35 million
increase for the 21st Century Learning Centers for after-school programs.
The House did not increase funding for the Child Care and Development Block
Grant but did include a +ACQ-20 million increase for the 21st Century Learning


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