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Cityscape strives to share HUD-funded and other research on housing and
urban policy issues with scholars, government officials, and others involved
in setting policy and determining the direction of future research.

Cityscape focuses on innovative ideas, policies, and programs that show
promise in revitalizing cities and regions, renewing their infrastructure,
and creating economic opportunities. A typical issue consists of articles
that examine various aspects of a theme of particular interest to our
audience. The Notes section highlights HUD research-in-progress on current
policy and program issues.

Cityscape is available from the HUD USER web site at:

The most current issue of Cityscape, Volume 4, Number 1 1998 examines
"Multifamily Financing."

This issue of Cityscape is intended to challenge and inform all people who
hope to make and keep the Nation's multifamily finance system as a dynamic
resource that serves us all by helping meet the needs of America's renters.
It also is designed to create a better understanding of how this system
works -- and how it can be improved.

Also recently published is Volume 3, Number 3 1998 focusing on "Emerging
Issues in Urban Development."

Challenges confronting cities in the next century will be unlike those faced
at any time in the past.  The latest issue of Cityscape calls for cities to
implement pragmatic policies to benefit from social, economic, and
technological changes that will offer opportunities to become more globally

Together, the articles in this issue express a common theme: Cities must
seek innovative, creative solutions to problems caused by rapid changes in
their environment. To be successful, cities must adapt to the information
age by mobilizing resources in a highly competitive economic environment.

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