Re: Anti-begging Laws Unconstitutional, Report Charges

Leslie Schentag (
Thu, 3 Sep 1998 18:22:20 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 3 Sep 1998, W. Robert Arnold wrote:

> On Thu, 3 Sep 1998, Leslie Schentag wrote:
> Hi Leslie,
> these are all things we could discuss at the meeting I am holding next
> Thursday evening.  Can you come?  I hope you can all come.

 I'd like to come but I would need a ride to get there.
> >  That's the article.
> > 1) how do we get in touch with Mr. Shafer and a copy of the report. I
> > would like to study it.
> 	The Times Colonist may be able to direct you about getting in
> touch with Mr. Shafer.
    I'll try and contact Mr. Shafer after the long weekend.

> > 2.) we should get in touch with the National Anti-Poverty Organization and
> > link up with them. They could help us formulate a stratagy to tackle the
> > problem here in BC. Another idea is to get copies of each cities bylaws.
> 	This won't be a problem.  The Vice president of VESJ is on the
> NAPO board.  WE would likely be helping them formulate a strategy,
> actually.

> > 3.) get the use of that toolkit in that message that I just forwarded, it
> > would be of great help to us.
> 	This looks interesting.  I must look into it when I get a little
> time.
> > Another thing would be to hook up with the cities that have the bylaws and
> > see if they will start a constitutional challenge of the bylaws. We should
> > get this into court asap and have a precedent set.
> >  I really can't do that much right now other than email because of the
> > present system I have now. It's a 386S/16. If i could get an upgraded
> > system to at least a 486-66, I can get unlimited internet access through
> > Sprint Canada. Would there be any way of getting the system donated to me
> > to use. I am pretty much homebound as I have Hep C and suffer from Chronic
> > Fatigue.
> 	It is a little tough to get you a new one.  The focus is on
> getting everyone their first one.  I will look into it in September,
> after Labour Day.  Find a Clone a Home will be running again soon.  Maybe
> Les can help then.

 I don't need a new one, just one that I can access the net properly with.
Using Telix just don't cut it.

> >  We should also set up a meeting to start the process. I have to agree
> > with you that petitions are an exercise in futility. What we need to do is
> > mobilize the homeless and the poor to vote. When I was working for the
> > Greens in the last prov. election, I contacted Elections BC and had them
> > give me the go-ahead to have the homeless register to vote. The major
> > problem that I was faced with is the general apathy of the poor. 
> >  What we should do is put together independent candidates to run on a
> > anti-poverty platform.
> 	I sure hope you can make the meeting on the 10nth. of September at
> my place.  There is a problem with fielding candidates and becoming a
> political party.  We have a way of dealing with apathy among our
> constituency.  I will really be better able to explain it in person.
> Typing it too labourious.
> > These are ideas I have, but I wil say we need to start something now.
> 	Now or sooner, would be real good, Leslie.
> 	I hope to see you all at the meeting.
> 	Bye for now,
> 	Sincerely,
> 	Robert
> W. Robert Arnold <>
> Political parties get to pick the candidates.  We pick the winners.  If we
> show them we have the power, the parties won't matter.