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Dear All

I am pleased to invite you to
participate in the virtual meeting on knowledge management and
knowledge value for development organizations.

My name is Iwona Bancerek and I am a knowledge manager of PlaNet Finance
(non-profit involved in poverty fight using new technologies, especially
the Internet)

PlaNet Finance is organizing a virtual meeting on
KM efforts in NPO, development sector. We are very interested to hear
about NPO initiatives and have participants from various organizations.

Meeting  aims  at the elaboration of knowledge management
value for the development organizations, and
in such areas as technology transfer, research etc, with a focus on the
importance of the difference between knowledge (as leading to action) and

Other parts of the discussion will cover communities creation,
- whether general non-profit culture and practitioners relations
are important factor in effective communities existance.

Participation of KM practitioners (not involved in NPO sector) will
provide meeting with valuable info on new knowledge trends and examples of
best practices in other sectors.

Please find below the description of the KM virtuall meeting.
I will be of your assistance regarding any additional questions.

Hope this initiative will rise your interest

Looking forward your response.

Iwona Bancerek
          Iwona Bancerek

PlaNet Finance
Knowledge Manager

Virtual meeting on knowledge management efforts in
non-profit sector fighting with poverty.

Meeting date: November 4th -December 1st 1999

Are the non-profit, development organizations (involved in poverty fight,
especially microfinance) doing knowledge management efforts? Is knowledge
sharing easier in the non-profit environment? What is the value of
knowledge for development?

 Objective: To promote knowledge diffusion and sharing among NPOs

Meeting aims at presenting and discussing existing knowledge actions
inside the non-profit organizations:

 Best practices
 Knowledge reuse methods
 Importance of knowledge sharing in poverty fight
 Communities of practice
 Advantage of the information revolution - Internet and new technologies
use in poverty fight


Participation in the meeting is open to all interested in knowledge,
non-profit and poverty fight. Meeting will be in a form of the mailing
list, with online archives. There is no participation fee. PlaNet Finance
invites organizations, practitioners, consultants and all interested to
present their perspective on knowledge management and to participate in
the discussion.

Presentations and articles on NPOs knowledge management efforts, their
view on knowledge sharing advantages would be particularly appreciated.

Interested in participation ? Subscribe :

          Iwona Bancerek

PlaNet Finance
Knowledge Manager


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