Re: Margaret Mitchell, slain byLAPD] ;and getting away with murder/

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  How to get away with murder,and not be prosecuted.You need to snuff out
some ones life that you think is not fit to live in your world,carry a
gun,have a back up officer verify your story,and then systematically
illimanate persons that don,t comply with you law full orders.....
 After reading this story I became very nauseated,this smacks of "blue line
fever"when the city streets become more like the wild wild west! I am very
hopefull that LAPD would kick out some of their psycho-cops,and get some one
in there that was not looking to kill some one that is a menace perhaps only
to her self,and I don,t mean that in that respect...I have the utmost
respect for the homeless because I to was considered,and perhaps still am
considered a disposable disabled person and have been looked down on by the
suits.But thats alright,our time is very close to being at hand .As there is
a very real movement to place this poverty issue high on the things to do if
you want the top President!
 I think we can be helpfull and cause a lot of waves to be made especially
those of us that can manage to type on a key board and contact newspapers
state officials and start a potential tidal wave of good will and requesting
over and over again for funds and finally commiting our selves to nailing
the"Shrub" Bush,or his alter ego Al Gore to promise to resolve and take care
of our countries homeless first,and disabled first...And we have to not
accept no for an answer,ever.
 I pray that Margret Mitchell.s soul and death will be vindicated,by the
courts,and by GOD,I would hope these police officers will both be fired and
brought to trial,one is as bad as the other for allowing it to happen.Guilty
by association...        Peace and resolution, Bill Tinker

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> Will try to make memorial.
> The security guard at the Trader Joe's, only one block away, told me
> that the
> following story, which he compiled from other people working on the
> block and
> from homeless people who knew Margaret Mitchell.
> The car dealer adjacent to the bench where Margaret Mitchell used to
> sleep
> complained to the LAPD.  As a result, that morning the police were
> looking
> for her.  When they found her, they hassled her about the cart, and when
> she
> tried to get away from them, they shot her in the back.
> I am not sure how much of this story has gotten to her family's lawyers,
> but
> all of these facts and allegations are worth investigating in great
> deal.
> Dick Platkin