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Fri, 29 Oct 1999 14:33:03 -0400

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From: "David Hulchanski, U of Toronto" <david.hulchanski@utoronto.ca>
Date:   Fri, 29 Oct 1999 14:02:05 -0400


Announcing a New Online resource
for the Housing Community
in Ontario and in Canada:



Here's what you can expect from the site:

1. E-BULLETIN:  A regular moderated e-bulletin that will provide
the latest useful information on housing issues with a focus on
Ontario communities. We expect the e-bulletin to be short,
crisp, and helpful.

2. HOUSING WHO's WHO:  An electronic `Housing Who's Who'
directory of those playing an active role in public and private
housing issues. The directory is structured to permit searching
by location, skill, and interest. Be sure your name is included in
the directory. Instructions are found on the web site.

3. E-LIBRARY - Housing Resources & Information:  An on-line
library of the documents, information, links (called 'Resources'
on our menu) useful for understanding housing issues.  This
resource/information library is a selection of the best material
available - it is not an inclusive or comprehensive list of
documents that meets the needs of academic scholars, but
instead is exactly what's needed for those who want a good
understanding of current options and opportunities.

4. EVENTS:  An events listing, where meetings, conferences,
and events focused on housing are listed. The best of these
events will be referred to in the e-bulletin. Ensure events you're
involved with are listed - you can add them yourself - instructions
are found on the web site.

5. DISCUSSION:  Discussion space, where ideas can be shared
with the many others who use the site. Visit the site regularly to
keep abreast of what's being said about housing issues by the
best minds in the country. We will be counting on your

As we add the new material above we will let you know via the
bulletin. So be sure to subscribe!

The site is the work of a partnership - check out the sponsors
link from the home page.

As a partnership of a number of concerned groups, we'd like to
ensure we reach a broad audience, and serve your needs in the
field of housing.

Please let us know how we can serve you better.

Kindly forward this announcement on to your friends and
colleagues add us as a link to your site today.