Anti-Poverty Organizer Arrested - UPDATE on Cheri Honkala of KWRU

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Subject: [nasna] Anti-Poverty Organizer Arrested - UPDATE

Street Feat updates on arrest in New Jersey

by Bill Krampe (pix attached), Editorial Contributor
Street Feat - The Voice of the Poor, Halifax, Ns, Canada

The Chief of Police of the Irvington, N.J. Police Department is Chief
Steven Palamara tel : (973) 399-6600.

Lt. Edwards, (badge #31) of the Irvington, New Jersey Police Department,
after much mucking around and being on hold off and on for 45 minutes to
an hour, spoke to me; he only confirmed a few basic facts, of the arrest
of Cheri Honkala, such as the following:

According to Lt. Edwards, Cheri Honkala was arrested on or about 7:55 am
local standard time, EST on Thursday, October 28, 1999.  She was charged
with DISORDERLY CONDUCT and taken into custody.

Also according to police who were dispatched to the scene of the March
of the Americas, as it made its way through the city of Irvington, or so
it is believed, the police attended when the 100 or so placard carrying
members of the March were walking in the street.  Police ordered the
group to march on the sidewalk.  It is at this time, confirmed Lt.
Edwards, that the group decided not to comply with the orders of the

At this time the police arrested March organizer Cheri Honkala, for
disorderly conduct. Police confirmed that Cheri Honkala was released at
approximately 12 o'clock noon, local standard time, EST, making the
length of her detention about four hours.

The current status of this case is as follows, according to Lt.
Edwards.  Cheri Honkala received a summons for her offense, which is in
the ballpark of severity, like a traffic ticket, with one critical
exception.  Disorderly conduct is a criminal offense, a traffic ticket
is not.

However because it is a summons, no warrant was issued or will be issued
at this time.  Also no bond or bail is necessary at this time.  As well,
a complaint was sworn out by police officers, and Cheri Honkala will
have to answer to this complaint before a judge in court at a date that
could not  be confirmed by Lt. Edwards.  It is believed that no other
arrests were made at this time, related to the March event and Cheri
Honkala's arrest.

Tom Boland wrote:
> From: Tom Boland <>
> [Please circulate to those who might help with a call or more.]
> FWD From: Kennsington Welfare Rights Union <>
> Subject:  [PPEHRC]:EMERGENCY: Marcher Arrested
> The March of the Americas was stopped by police this
> morning, [Thursday, October 28, 1999] at approximately 8:00
> am in Irvington, New Jersey.  Cheri Honkala, National
> Spokesperson for the March of the Americas and the Director
> of the Kensington Welfare Rights Union is now being held in
> an Irvington jail.
> Please help us.  Call the Irvington police and inquire about
> Cheri Honkala: 973/399-6600
> Thank you!
> You can find out more about the march on our website:
> For more information on the march, see:
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