Re: Officer shooting of homeless woman was "within

Thomas Cagle (
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 09:58:19 -0400

On Wed, 27 Oct 1999 23:48:52 -0400 "William Tinker"
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> Jesus,
>  Where in hell was this man,s right to use deadly force...Please
forgive me
>I need to tell you that most of the police are not safe to carry a
>handgun,this man should be prosecuted for unauthorized use of deadly 
>force, he should have had a psychiatric evaluation long before they put
>badge on him.... *sniped*

.A true story.

This was related to me by Gary Andy a man who ran a cleaning service, it
dates back some years but is still applicable around the issue of deadly

Gary started up his cleaning business in the early seventies. One of his
first jobs was the main office of a Concord NH Savings bank. One evening
he or his wife must have accidently bumped one of the silent alarms. Back
then they also brought along both of their infant children, setting them
in a play-pen while cleaning was done. 

Gary was interrupted by Concord PD who appeared with pistols drawn. He
let him in (by his own key) after setting down the vacuum cleaner. This
officer of the realms peace announced to his partner that "the suspect is
letting me in with his own key". 

Several years later Gary was still uncomfortable with the departments
handling of the matter as he, his wife, and infant children were detained
at gunpoint for doing their contracted job. Gary wasn't shot, but he
remained sceptical of this police departments policy for all the
remaining years he worked and lived in Concord.

Having a pistol does not make it's being drawn 'within policy'. when
deadly force is going to be used there aught to be some clear guidelines
of "immanent threat". The cleaning service guy, nor a granny who is
agitated meets this minimum. Where do you stop? Does the possession of
mercury amalgam fillings make some objectionable person a mobile health
hazard and there by a fair target for deadly force? What happens to the
granny who is wearing old cloths while she gardens in the front yard and
is armed with a garden trowel? She too might not have returned her
shopping cart.

When the day arrives as it seems to have done in this case that any
irritating person is a suitable candidate for deadly force, living in
that area--well it becomes pretty tenuous and not just for homeless

Tom C

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