The topic of this web-based course is homelessness

H. C. Covington -- I CAN America (
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 01:21:50 -0400

For those who have expressed interest in the past year, we have finished
shifting our on-site series to an on-line series on homelessness.
Unfortunately, I had a major system crash about 2 weeks ago (had to
reload all of windows and everything) and lost all emails I had been
saving for those who had contacted me.  I hope you will be willing to
contact me again, and shameless as it may be, here is a link to info on
the course:

Thanks for all the support I have received from folks on this list while
putting this together.

Joyce D. Meyer

Soc n600c The Homeless
The topic of this web-based course is homelessness, one of the most serious
social problems faced by communities. The humane resolution of this condition
requires thorough consideration of a number of concerns. This course explores
the holistic community connections involved in creating an effective mechanism
for addressing homelessness. The needs of special populations are particularly
considered. The course includes definition and history of homelessness, needed
support services, research updates, and legal and political issues and personal
stories from those who have survived homelessness as well as those who have
built innovative programs.

12 Lessons. Noncredit. $120. (Some scholarships available; contact

Students in the Electronic Sections need to have e-mail capability, Internet
access, and a graphical browser for the World Wide Web. Please contact GIS for


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