Raising The Roof is a national charity for the Homelss

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Do any of our HPN Family know the Raising the Roof folks?  I cam accross them on
another List and thought somone from Toronto could tell us more about them.


What is Raising the Roof ?      Web SIte at :   www.raisingtheroof.org

Raising The Roof is a national charity dedicated to finding long-term solutions
to the growing problem of homelessness in Canada. It is a charity working to
establish a country-wide network to fund and partner with local initiatives
involving homeless people, or those at risk of becoming homeless in activities
directed at developing, finding, and/or maintaining homes.

Raising the Roof has been established to raise funds and disburse grants to
registered Canadian charities working on long term solutions to homelessness.
The organization supports local projects that create real, workable alternatives
that result in safe, affordable and secure housing so homeless people can build
on their own strengths and skills and take control of their lives. The
organization is also undertaking direct charitable work through the development
of a national strategy to alleviate homelessness nationwide.

The mission of the organization is to ensure that all people in Canada have a
home and the opportunity to participate in their communities as a means to
overcoming poverty. Funds will be granted to some of the country's most
innovative and successful community based initiatives projects that take people
off the streets, find them homes and help them re establish a connection with
their communities. We will be helping a wide spectrum of individuals and
families children, youth, adults, men and women.


Raising the Roof, formerly The Canadian Non-Profit Housing Foundation, was
founded in 1990 to focus on housing issues. From 1990 to 1996, the Board worked
on finding solutions to housing stock issues in Canada.

Raising the Roof's Board of Directors consists of experts from cities across the
country who work directly on understanding and solving homelessness issues.

>From 1996 until now, the Board has re-shifted its mandate to focus on the
broader issue of homelessness because of the enormous increases in every urban
centre across the country. In 1997, the organization changed its name to
"Raising the Roof" to better reflect its new mandate and focus

Raising the Roof aims to:

Support current community-based housing and home opportunities in different
regions across the country..
Raise awareness and funds in a fun and engaging way that involves people from
all walks of life in a partnership with business, government, the charity
sector, the faith community, and the educational sectors.
Involve the whole community in its own solutions like in the pioneer days when a
whole town would lend a hand to help a family raise the roof on their barn or
Raising the Roof involves citizens from all walks of life in the development of
strategies to alleviate homelessness across the country. Using humour and high
energy entertainment, comedy and community initiatives to demonstrate hope and
compassion, the goal is to give long-term relief to the dire circumstances of
those people living without homes.
We launched our first major public education and fundraising campaign in Toronto
in March 1998. To find out more about this extremely successful initiative, link
to the Comedy Gala page. For more information about our project, please contact
us by phone at Tel: 416-481-1838 or Fax: 416-481-1872

Stay tuned for exciting updates and plans for the coming year!


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