mikala bembery (
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 16:11:05 PDT

That's what I am screaming! I try to speak the truth as I know it and boy 
does it make people uncomfortable. I made a concieous decision to inject 
harsh reality into any and all discussions with the "Gatekeepers" and as I 
am sure that you know they try to make me feel like I am the one who doesn't 
understand. I am so beyond trying to be popular although I understand the 
contacts/politics thing, I cannot let those games get in the way of my 
purpose for even trying to deal on their level.

I figure that while they would never admit the impact people like us have on 
their veiws; we do make a measurable impact. Enlightening sangtimonious 
minds is long and incremental work but someone has to challenge the HYPE 
that we have been taught to believe.

The best part of any encounter with those who assume that I don't get it is 
when I and others speak the truth and their sleek smiles dissapear and their 
faces harden because they are not use to being exposed - especially with the 
obvious and logical truth. In someways it's like kids who continue to try 
believing in Santa Claus.

Thank you so much for that wonderful piece.

Yours in struggle,


>From: maggie knowles <>
>Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 14:42:35 -0700
>from "dirty truths" by michael parenti c1996
>Speak truth to power, my love,
>and watch their sleek smiles disappear.
>The gatekeeper's face hardens
>from the unaccustomed exposure
>and those who should feel only shame
>are filled with righteous puffery.
>Meanwhile, the loyal oppositionists and labor dealers,
>academic acolytes and kept scribes
>all sniff the wind and test the Times,
>trimming their sails, ready about!
>With elaborate casualness,
>they flash their ideological credentials.
>With earnest asides,
>they counsel self-censorship,
>urging you to a smaller voice
>to gain a bigger audience,
>as they twist themselves in a tighter circle,
>twisting for their credibility.
>They know how to show courage
>against easy targets.
>Waiting for an approving glance,
>they demand faultless standards
>from besieged infant revolutions.
>A critical distance they keep
>when victims fight back and win.
>They do mainstream imitations
>Responsible Critics from Pragmatics, Inc.
>and flash their anti-Menace pose
>as they seek entry through the reception gate.
>But you, my love, standing outside
>under the chill glare of mean eyes,
>you just speak truth to power
>and feel your power rise.
>Your life itself an unsung testimony
>to fightback and fightforward
>against their steel and gossamer.
>Moving quietly in a raucous history,
>the trickle becomes a tide
>until one day the soldiers
>look the other way or melt into the crowd,
>drawn by the padding of a million footsteps.
>M'lords squawk urgent commands
>to stop the insolent dance.
>M'lords sit in their bayonet temples,
>calling upon the Furies of private interest
>hurling their incantations.
>And you,
>you stand there like a thousand legions
>and speak truth,
>remembering how the tides
>can break down walls.
>from "dirty truths" by michael parenti c1996

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