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From: Colin Stark <cstark@sentry.npsnet.com>

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 To: Persons organizing All-Candidate meetings

 If you are in a position to influence a group which is organizing an
All-Candidates meeting, please consider bringing this message to their
attention. They may wish to offer a similar service, and CDD,
Alternatives.com and www.yourpolitician.com could offer technical

To help fill the gap that Rogers CableTV left by NOT covering ANY
All-Candidates meetings, four Groups have allied to expand the avenues of
delivery for public information at these meetings. The four groups are:
 Canadians for Direct Democracy (CDD),
 Alternatives.com, an Internet Service provider;
 <http://www.Yourpolitician.com>, a non-partisan Web site providing
comprehensive candidate and election coverage for BC
 District Residents for Direct Democracy (DRDD), who is organizing
the meeting on the 27th

We will create a videotape of  the ALL-CANDIDATES Meeting at 7:30pm on
Wednesday, October 27th 1999 at Lynn Valley United Church, 3201 Mountain
Highway, North Vancouver. An approximately 60 minute version of the meeting
will be made available as "Streaming Video" over the Internet from the
www.alternatives.com web server. Additional links to the meeting will be
available from the YourPoliticians.com web site.

Candidates can optionally choose to increase the functionality of their
existing websites on www.YourPolitician.com by purchasing a customized
version of the meeting. A candidate would pay, say,  $29.95 for a "video
on the web" presentation consisting of:
 His/her 2-3-minute presentation to the meeting;
 An edited clip of his/her interactions during the meeting, to a
maximum of 5 minutes;
 A link to the edited 60 minutes (approx.) of the whole meeting

The streaming video clips can be accessed directly from candidates'
existing web sites on the www.YourPolitician.com or the
http://www.alternatives.com sites.

A few FACTS re Internet use:
of the 220 million people over 16 in US/Canada:
 23% use e-mail
 17% use the Web
 73% of Web users search for information on the Web

 Of the 45 million of those planning to go online, 60% are over 35
 49% of Web users and 60% of E-mail users go online daily
 38% of users have 2 phone lines
 Internet use grows at 12% per month
 Vancouver Public Library and other libraries have free Web access --
it is utilized close to 100%
 Cope/Greens in Vancouver have their own video/Web project
 <http://www.YourPolitician.com> averges 4,500 hits per day and is quadrupling

 This information is also available at

 Information from Colin Stark	255-7101 <cstark@npsnet.com>
 Technical information from Brian Lutes: <blutes@alternatives.com>

Colin Stark


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