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Bonnie Briggs (
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 11:31:45 PDT

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>From: Stacey Vande Voort <>
>Can you send me more information on how I can help the homeless in my 
>A way to help them know that people are out here at trying to help support 
>goals and furture.

Hi Stacey,
  That's a pretty big question. Some people may argue this, but one way you 
can help is by volunteering your time to a anti-poverty group near you. I 
give my time to OCAP and I know I'm helping people. The homeless here in 
Toronto know that we're out there fighting for them and trying to make their 
lives better. It's great that you want to help homeless people, we need more 
people like you. Another thing you could do is to, and this is a lofty goal, 
try to get the anti-poverty groups in your area working together. That's the 
only way we're going to solve this problem, is by working together without 
all the petty squabbling and internal politics that goes on sometimes in 
these groups. Hope this helps.

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