Re: Uof T Student Sleep Outs Against Homelessness enter week 11

john macpherson (
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 09:44:30 -0700 (PDT)

I am a homeless person seeking ways to diminish
homelessness over the objection of those of my
constituancies that claim that they only are
attempting to do the impssable by claiming that they
desire to work to END homelessness, as stated in our
purpose, and in our bylaws.  Where in reality there
being paid to perpetuate homelessness, as a service

It apears to rapidly perpetuate the situation through
the greed of the system as more paperwork is demanded
bu the supervisory staffing of the issues.  Those that
need the help are recieving smaller portions of the
dollars spent.  It is clear to me that the opinion of
the top levals of the problem are waring blinders as
they come for there feedding.
We help those that we can accomodate and that inclues
the total population which nearly matches our
however in reality the real counts are unidentifiable
ficticious numerology of the psychics.  In this town
the numbers that constantly run through my mind is 2
beds to support treatment for those that are indigent
with drug and alcohol problems.  Our town is just over
1,000,000 in gross population and 10,000 homeless with
a "50%" leval of drug and alcohol problems.  Those 2
beds make things a little crowded dont you think.
HHomelessnessis a state of transition. there will
never be a "cure" the problem.


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