Re: Uof T Student Sleep Outs Against Homelessness enter week 11

Stephen Twig Meeks (
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 23:59:29 -0700 (PDT)

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> Student Sleep-OUT Enters Week 11! More young people
> are speaking out about
> the homelessness crisis!! When will the government
> act?
> For immediate release:
> October 22, 1999
> University of Toronto students will be spending
> their 11th night in Allan
> Gardens this Friday October 22nd, 1999.  Students
> continue to protest the
> lack of effective government action on the current
> homelessness crisis.
> Young NDP activists from across the province will be
> joining U of T students
> for the 11th consecutive Friday night sleep out. 
> ”It is exciting how much
> support we are getting,” said Bonte Minnema of the
> Lesbian Gay Bi Youth
> Line. “Ontario New Democratic Youth have been
> sleeping out at Queens Park,
> and the New Democratic Youth of Canada will be
> sleeping out at Parliament
> Hill in Ottawa at the end of the month.”
> Audience members of the LGBTOUT Cabaret, a night of
> Queer Youth Performances
> at the UofT HangaR, will be joining the
> demonstrators at Allan Gardens after
> the show.
> “We need all three levels of government to commit to
> the 1% solution,” said
> Chris Ramsaroop, former president of the U of T
> Students Administrative
> Council.  The 1% solution is a plan whereby all
> governments would spend an
> additional 1% of their budgets on housing and the
> social services needed to
> help people transition back into housing, education,
> and the work force.
> This would be enough to solve the problem of
> homelessness.”
> “The Ontario government gave us no good news in the
> latest throne speech.
> How many people will have to die before they act?”
> asked Oriel Varga, UofT
> student demonstrator.
> The New Democratic Youth Of Canada will be
> encouraging those attending the
> NDP federal council in Ottawa to sleep out on
> Parliament hill on October
> 30th.
> "These students are heroes to me. Their efforts have
> been tremendous,” said
> Marilyn Churley MPP Broadview-Greenwood & NDP
> community services critic,
> “They're putting their money where their mouth is."
> For info or to support this action contact spokes
> person Bonte Minnema at
> 935-0272
    At the Salavation Army; if all beds designated for
the homeless individuals in Austin would be only

    This does not even put a dent into the homeless
population on the streets of Austin.....estimated by
the local service
    providers to be anywhere from 3,100-6000. 

    There have been at least 17,499 camping tickets
given out since October of 1996.... 

    This tells me there is something wrong with this
    ..They say they have shelter for us....but when
the shelters are full...and there is no place there to

    Yes we will find a kind place to lay our weary

    you say it is illegal for us to get a night's

    We say.....let us be ourselves..... we able to
maintain our camps... 

    We are people........ 

    We are artists,musicians, crafters, teachers, tour

    We must be allowed to be.......... 

    The camping ban is unconstitutional for the Eighth
and First Amendendmant of The U.S. Constituition 

    Stephen "Twig" Meeks 
    Grass Roots Media Metwork 

    This is blatantly uncondtitutional

    --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 

    Replying to Original Article:

    " has the ban in ANY capacity contributed to the
well-being of the homeless? " 
    This question being asked by a U.T. student merits
at least some direction for further inquirey. Where
would one go to ask
    any of the shelters such as Salvation Army, or
whoever else, what sort of records they would like
made available to help
    determine an answer for this (& maybe other)
related question(s). The answer to this question,
whether there has been any
    contributable influence for shelters to assist
more assertively in assisting homeless persons to get
into adequate long-term
    housing on account of the city of Austins' "No
Camping Ordinance" could only be derived from whatever
records there are
    which would show in fact exactly how much effort's
been applied since that ordinance went into effect. 
    I, myself, would be interested in knowing more
about this. Good question. greg.

    --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 

    Replying to Original Article:

    i am a student at ut and am part of an effort to
uncover the truth on austin's camping ban for the
class "communiy and
    place," headed by lee walker. it seems incredible
that a liberal and compassionate city such as austin
would enforce such a
    heinous ordinance against human beings. my
questions: it is obvious business leaders and affluent
neighborhoods do not
    wish to see austin become a "mecca" for the
homeless. hence the ordinance. so what kind of
solution would compromise
    between this sector of the city and those in real
need? are there any ideas out there for future
legislation (assuming the ban
    is reppealed)? also, what has been the ultimate
affect on the homeless in austin since the ban? how
have shelters' service
    changed? has the ban encouraged more people to
find a place in these shelters? has the ban in ANY
capacity contributed
    to the well-being of the homeless? 
    any shared opinion on this topic would be greatly
appreciated. email can be sent to thanks!


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