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Tuesday, October 26, at 12:00 noon, on the Steps of the State House

            Protest the State Budget priorities!

Many weeks ago, we announced a protest the day after the state budget was
passed.  October 13, legislative leaders announced a breakthrough on the
budget impasse, but they said it might be two weeks before the budget
actually came out of committee.  And this Saturday, the Globe reported that
it might be even longer.  So rather than wait, we say that Tuesday, October
26 is the day!

PROTEST the legislative leadership's failure to fulfill their social
responsibilities and address the crisis of poverty  that has been so
exacerbated by welfare "reform!"

PROTEST misplaced priorities in the state budget that do not address issues
of concern to working people and working families!

BE THERE for the unveiling of a bold new initiative to address human needs in
Massachusetts:  The People's Stadium!!!!  (Hey, it seems to work for the New
England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox, both of whom stand to have tens of
millions of taxpayer money shoveled at them for new stadiums.  Get into the
spirit--wear baseball hats, wear a team shirt, bring sprots banners and other
sorts motifs!

Sponsored by Working Massachusetts, "Fighting for the welfare of all workers"
and The Economic Survival Coalition

Call (617) 482-4471 for more information and/or to confirm your participation!

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