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Have you spoken to the National Law Center for Homelessness and Poverty?  Here
in Louisiana we have had to fight for every single Federal building the homeless
have gotten access to.  At the moment, we are fighting over a Federal Courthouse
and without the National Law Center, we would have lost last February.  Title V
of the McKinney Act does give the Homeless first refusal to surplus federal
property, but some of the Cities, Counties and even State Governments are trying
to work around the McKinney Act.

I am sending a cc of you note to Ms. Laurel Weir at the National Law Center in
Washington so she will be aware of who you are when you <or another agency>
calls her.

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 We cannot expect the government to hand over a navy
airstrip. Nor does it suprise that they are using this
structure for an office complex.

 I went through this fighting for the local Armory in
Ann Arbor Michigan, for use as an expansion shelter.
The city voted to turn it to high-rent apartments.

 For this structure to be utilized for the homeless.
It will take a movement of the homeless to fight for
this structure.

Those of us in the struggle to fight for the homeless
and bring an end to homelessness, should have a good
understanding of capitalism and it's dirty deeds.

We know that capitalism is always in the search of
the never ending profit, while at the same time
sinking the poor and oppressed masses lower.
Capitalism only thinks of itself and the profit
potential and nothing else.

The movement of the poor, homeless and working-class
must rise above threaten this system with its own
independent power.

Terry Bevins
Homeless Power Union

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