Fw: Rural Transportation Systems - ITSA Annual Meeting 2000

H. C. Covington -- I CAN America (icanamerica@email.msn.com)
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 21:07:30 -0400

Advanced Rural Transportation Systems Committee & friends:
This is an update regarding the developing Rural Transportation Program
Track for ITS America's 10th Annual Meeting.  Remember, the meeting will
take place May 1-4, 2000 in Boston, Massachusetts.

About a dozen papers relevant to this track were submitted for the meeting
- those papers are now out for review (thank you to all who volunteered!).
 Once review forms come back we will begin balancing the accepted papers
with other potential sessions/panels to fully lay out the track.  Pasted
below is a DRAFT list of the rural track, including sessions the ARTS
Steering Committee has suggested, as well as one or two from other members
of the Committee:

A "plenary" session for the track similar to the opening session of this
year's RATTS Conference in which local elected officials (high
level/nontraditional stakeholders) discuss their views regarding ITS and
how it may or may not be able to address issues of specific concern to

A "rural showcase" session focused on a number of progressive rural
states.  Could have a state representative talk about what planning,
and evaluation is going on their state.  This could be similar to how ITSA
features the state chapter activities and the state DOT or president gets
up and gives an overview.   For us it would just be the rural aspect of
ITS so that it does not get over shadowed.

Another "rural showcase" session specifically focused on rural ITS
activities in New England and the I-95 Corridor.

ITS Planning and deployments at the statewide level

Rural ITS/Safety Session dealing with issues related to Mayday, automated
collision notification, E911.  Could include formal paper presentation,
some lessons learned from existing tests, and perspectives from
nontraditional ITS stakeholders such as state police representatives.

Rural ITS Safety Session/Workshop focused on speed management.  There are
several key issues related to variable speed limits, electronic
enforcement, etc.

Ruralizing the Architecture - similar to the session conducted in
Flagstaff regarding federal Architecture Team activities.

One or more sessions related to weather information applications.

Rural tourism / traveler information including issues related to
addressing transportation problems in our National Parks.  Could also
include focus on economic and tourism development.

Rural transit.

Rural Traffic - efforts to address traffic in a rural setting such as
portable work zones.

Cellular Technology & Motorist Communication Systems specifically related
to emergency call boxes and cellular communication in rural areas.

Each track will include one evaluation session.  We need to reserve one
space for a session to be co-coordinated by our Benefits, Evaluations &
Costs Committee on rural evaluations.

ARTS Committee meeting (probably two sessions)

Potential nearby ITS tours (probably not)

A dedicated session to enable attendees to spend time touring the exhibit
hall.  This could be coordinated so as to function as a self-guided tour
of the "rural" elements of the hall.

Meeting-wide "Mega session".  (Last year's session was related to TEA-21
and most tracks chose to schedule concurrent sessions.  This year's mega
session is related to Boston's Big Dig project. )

Eventually, we will have to cut the number of sessions slots down to about
twelve (including committee meeting, tours, etc.)  Although the paper
review has not yet been completed, it is not too early to put some detail
behind the candidate session topics.   At your earliest convenience we
would like to get feedback from the ARTS Committee members about the

Review and comment on the potential sessions.  Do they resonate with you?
Positive/negative?  Additions?
Recommend specific topics you'd like to see discussed in each session.
Suggest specific case studies, best practices, speakers, moderators, etc.
for the sessions.
Volunteer to "claim ownership" over one of the sessions, including
choosing and contacting speakers, etc.
Give us ideas on innovative sessions - interactive panel sessions, forums,
workshop-style, multimedia, you name it!

Lastly, please remember that the success of the track depends on the
feedback received from the community.  I look forward to receiving your
comments.  Thank you in advance for your input and participation.

Rob Puentes
ITS America
T:  202-484-4663
F:  202-484-3483
E:  rpuentes@itsa.org

If you have ideas or comments, please share them with Rob Puentes directly
at email address:   rpuentes@itsa.org

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