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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday 22 October 1999

CONTACTS:  	Hugh Mejia / Chris Crass
		Food Not Bombs - San Francisco

PHONE: 		1 (415) 675 9928

SAN FRANCISCO (Friday, 10/22/99)
	At approximately 6:00 PM, two Food Not Bombs volunteer 
activists were arrested while distributing free bagels and  fruit 
juice to low-income and homeless people at United Nations Plaza in 
San Francisco's Civic Center. The arrests were made following the end 
of the October 22nd National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality 
demonstration in San Francisco, which was attended by several hundred 
	At least 50 San Francisco Police officers - many of them in 
full riot gear and heavily armed - arrived at the beginning of the 
Food Not Bombs free community vegetarian meal. After SFPD arrested 
two Food Not Bombs activists, at least one other person was violently 
jumped upon and arrested by the police while they were trying to help 
themselves to a bagel. All of the remaining food was confiscated by 
the police.
	Mark Motyka, a legal observer at today's incident, plans to file an OCC
(Office of Citizens Complaints) report, and to submit his video 
recording of this incident to the ACLU and other agencies soon. "It 
is shameful that San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown's police are 
attacking and scapegoating homeless people and their advocates, " 
said Mark. "Having observed police conductŠ I have noticed that the 
system fails to rid itself of the same violent, rogue police 
	This most recent police attack on San Francisco Food Not Bombs is the
fifth incident of resumed Government persecution of Food Not Bombs 
within the past seven weeks. These most recent arrests are apparently 
part of pattern of escalating police and government repression of 
political and human rights activists.
	On Tuesday, October 19th, the San Francisco Police Dept. also 
violently attacked a demonstration for the release of political 
prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal. On Wednesday, October 20th, two Food Not 
Bombs activists were arrested while distributing soup and bread to 
homeless people.

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