FWD: Willie Brown is Organizing Voting Fraud!

Coalition on Homelessness, SF (coh@sfo.com)
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 15:56:14 -0800

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Hey Folks-

As if there aren't enough fires blazing out of control as the election nears!

I've got to run down to City Hall for the Police Brutality rally.  As 
soon as I hear from anyone who covered the meeting, I'll post updates.

I wonder if Da Mayor will blame this one on homeless advocates.

chance martin
Coalition on Homelessness, San Francisco

>From: progress@ix.netcom.com
>Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 00:59:10 -0400 (EDT)
>To: coh@sfo.com
>Subject: Willie Brown is Organizing Voting Fraud! - Please Post, Circulate
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>Candidate Cites last Minute Changes by Department of Elections to 
>Delay Counting Votes on November 2nd and The Fact that Brown's 
>Supporters Will Control Ballot Boxes for Hours Without Supervision
>Today, Friday October 22, at 12:00 Noon, the Department of Elections 
>will hold a meeting to announce eleventh hour changes in the rules 
>and procedures for counting votes on November 2, 1999. According to 
>sources at the Department of Elections this is the plan:
>1.	To delay vote counting for hours, maybe days, in order to 
>	count write-in and regular votes cast on November 2nd.
>2.	To delay vote counting of absentee ballots on the same grounds.
>3.	Leave the ballot boxes in the hands of drivers and police 
>officers for hours, maybe up to a day in certain precincts, in order 
>to proceed to count, one by one every vote which comes in.
>These are serious last minute rule and procedure changes. They may 
>be illegal and they open the entire procedure to manipulation by 
>Brown's political machine and its employees to organize voting fraud.
>Over 100 drivers are being hired to transport the ballot boxes and 
>retain them for an undetermined period of time. Among them are many 
>employees appointed by the Mayor, members of an organization 
>endorsing his re-election campaign (the Police Officers Association) 
>and other supporters of the incumbent Mayor. This presages all the 
>circumstances necessary for massive voting fraud to be committed.
>Using the Ammiano write-in campaign as scapegoat and excuse, Brown 
>is up to his old dirty tricks. We still remember the corpses and 
>former residents who voted when the Stadium/Mall scam passed while 
>losing Citywide.
>With Brown at less than 27% in all recent polls, the incumbent is 
>desperate to take advantage of his control of the government 
>apparatus, to strike a blow at the electoral process.
>A representative of our campaign discussed with Department of 
>Election officials and made the proposal that all ballots containing 
>a write-in vote be carefully set aside and counted manually by a 
>commission supervised closely by representatives of every campaign 
>on the ballot. At the same time, all other votes not containing 
>write ins should be counted immediately by the usual computer 
>Results of both counts should be released immediately when 
>available, every thirty minutes, starting immediately after the 
>polls close on November 2nd. Absentee vote results not containing 
>write-ins should be counted immediately after closing the polls on 
>November 2nd.
>Officials of the Department of Elections verbally rejected this 
>proposal, even though it is based on previous experiences of other 
>Elections Department around the country.
>We will be introducing the same proposal today, Friday, at the 12:00 
>noon meeting. If rejected, the Lucrecia for Mayor Campaign will 
>consider going to court to obtain an injunction order.
>When: Today, Friday October 22, 12:00 Noon
>Where: City Hall Room 400


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