Re: un/ sf posting about arests

Graeme Bacque (
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 20:08:52 -0400

john macpherson wrote:
> this violates all kinds of laws if the posting at HPN
> is correct.  What gives the police the right to attack
> a persons right to survival, when all the people
> wanted was some food being given to the people.
> To whom is the UN plaza real property, the UN? If so
> dosnt that constatute an international incident?
> =====

The Government of Ontario (Canada) just began its new session today.
Included in the Speech from the Throne was an announcement that the
government intends to make it illegal to attempt to survive through
panhandling or squeegeeing. There are also members of Toronto City
Council who would also like to see it made illegal to sleep on the
street here, and engage in massive roundups of homeless people a la New

Maybe the U.N. needs to send in multinational forces to these U.S. and
Canadian cities to stop the human rights abuses happening there, rather
than continuing their persecution of Iraq...