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Thu, 21 Oct 1999 14:26:33 -0400

Stephen Twig Meeks wrote:

> We need and demand as homeless individuals;
> 1) Housing that WE can afford....without intervention
> of "Social Service Agencies" (ie; Pverty Pimps)
> 2) A Living Wage....equal pay for equal skills......
> 3) Access to quality education so that we may better
> ourselves.......

the above are not merely for the homeless , but for all of the lower
class. most "poverty pimps " are in this position with us.

> The Social Service Agencies that are in existence
> today do not help with these issues...... unless you
> are recently out of jail, have a substance abuse
> problem, or have mental illnesses.....
> They just point you to a shelter and soup kitchen.....

there are classes in the agency biz as well. bread n jams cannot be
fitted in with the welfare office.

> We as homeless individuals need to band together
> ourselves to fight for our rights to be first of
> all....

individuals often have difficulties accepting the concept of subjegating
their freedom to the group will. each individual must be first.

> Social Services do not help us because if they were to
> solve the problem of homelessness they would be out of
> a job themselves....
> So the very nature of this system is designed to
> perpetuate rather than solve this problem........

once again the collective of all "services" needs dilineation. the state
has a unified system designed to perpetuate a civic response to changing
circumstance.we are the state and our needs long as there is a
need, the state will perform that part of it's duties, as seen thru the
eyes of the majority. slowly.

> I have also heard that well I'm not in this for the
> money, but rather to help people.......

the social service is not a get rich proposition. most social service
workers (tom boland) are at near poverty levels. can we make that

> I challenge ALL Service Providers out there who
> believe this to NOT draw a paycheck from the Agency
> that they work for for at least three months to 1/2
> year......

please do not offer my lowly gutter as refuge for more homeless. instead
how bout if they take into their "homes" an individual camper. do you
wish on any one a state of destitution?

> Let us as homeless people see then if you are
> committed to actualy solving this problem, or are you
> just stepping up to the "cash trough"......

preservation of the self. will you turn down the job? are the leaders of
the revolution incorrect because they take the reins of the movement?do
we begrudge the near poverty payments of the norm?

> Yes, you will say..."I have bills to pay".....
> Just find alternative sources of income......
> Work Day Labor, Go canning, play a guitar on the
> street, hold a yet Camp Out.....

and i challenge you to turn down the offers of  aid at hospital when
you're ill, the smiles offered you whilst our friends are sad. don't try
to bring them down , raise your "individual" self. "they" lump us into
debilitating  camps and we in return do the same. if we wish to be
treated as individuals let us do the same
solidarity depends on mutual respect as human beings.please do not
denigrate the effort of many good caring souls. let us find a way to
help them perform their functions better.

> Peace and Solidarity;
> Stephen "Twig" Meeks
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