Contaminated land used for homeless center in Texas

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Thu, 21 Oct 1999 09:36:59 -0500

It's business as usual in Texas.....


Bush lauds Texas cleanup program

DALLAS (AP) - A former soil-testing lab cleared for use as a center
for the homeless is a prime example of how government and business
can team up on environmental problems, Gov. George W. Bush said
Wednesday. Bush visited the cavernous facility with Dallas Mayor Ron
Kirk and federal and state regulators. He lauded the program and the
work that allowed the site to get a clean bill of health. "For years,
sites such as this were closed to development because of wrong logic,
bad regulation and legal liability," said Bush, a front-runner for
the Republican presidential nomination. The site is one of 965
enrolled in the Texas Voluntary Cleanup Program, approved by the
Legislature and Bush in 1995 to provide incentives to develop
potentially contaminated sites. See

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