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This was forwarded to let you know about a topic list dealing with issues
from a woman's very special perspective.  Please reply directly to the
nytf@aol.com address or go to the topic websites at the Welfare Law Center
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First: Thanks much to all of you for your insights. I am now thinking of
proposing a sort of round-table discussion to occur for Ms. either through
the emails you all sent here or through a dialogue we hold over the course
a few days on some discrete subject related to welfare/motherwork/caregiving
etc.    Interested?

Second: A group of women -- mostly though not exclusively academics -- met
NYC last week and one dominant proposal was to work to get a bill introduced
by someone like Wellstone to incorporate all caregivers into the social
security system in recognition of the economic, social, and cultural,
importance to the nation of the work performed almost exclusively by women
(not necessarily widows).After all, that is what survivor's insurance is
explicitly intended to be.

Third:I am hoping to expand a dialogue on the "pure" subject of resource
distribution (through income). After all, distribution is not optional, but
tecedent to the existence of societies. As I see it, without educating the
educated, we'll be spinning our wheels talking to each other forever. How is
he intrinsic value of all humansto be realized? Anybody interested in
joining this discussion through a series ofseminars on a new web board
called "Social Agenda" to be operated out of Brooklyn College?

Feel free to contact me directly: nytf@aol.com
I will respond as fast as I am able (Like you all, I have many obligations).

Theresa Funiciello

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