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Dear John:

We developed and obtained HUD funding to do just that - have terminals
available for homeless individuals to connect and rate and see what
resources the 35 agencies of a Louisiana Homeless Coalition have available
TODAY.  HUD funded it, and now the coalition has decided "they" don't want
us to do it and are threating to send the HUD funds back and get the State
Mental Health Department contractor to apply for four (4) times the amount
of  funding to do less than half of what was approved.

The agencies do not want their data on the WEB nor do they want to be
accountable to anyone, especially those that they serve.  So what do you
think, should we set up a system nationally and run it ourselves or should
we go to a HUD/HHS contractor and help them do it?

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How about tracking the service providers? Like, who are the good
people, who deserves praise. Who should you try to get in Portland
or Seattle? Who should you avoid.

Maybe if providers where tracked and data available to consumers
then consumers would be more willing to be tracked themselves?

Like, in every welfare waiting room there are terminals. The
terminals link to service sites where workers are critiqued?

Yea, like that would happen.