Re: Boston homeless shelters overflowed all summer, MHSA reports FWD

john macpherson (
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 14:25:54 -0700 (PDT)

> In your community, are shelters overflowing earlier
> and earlier each year,
> as winter approaches?  If so, why?  What can we do
> to stem increasing
> homelessness?

 IN AUSTIN we have no problem housing all the Homeless
in Austin. IT is a true fact that the SALVATION ARMY
As a matter of fact they have some nights where there
are only 15 homeless adult males in Austin  and most
of the time there are less than ten that are sick
during the summer months.  Most of the Year there are
in there estimates 57 homeless males in AUSTIN TX. 
 Our population has just surpassed 1,000,000 and
Austin is generating over 3,000 new jobs per month. 
The head counts remain stable at the Salvation Army
(it has only 57 beds) as it prepares a new shelter for
the homeless that the city claims to need. The problem
is that they can't colaberate as Police keep on
picking up transiants at an allarming rate. Keeping
the cycle spiraling upwards with there rental of
supervised spaces for the (camping ordenance)
criminals that are now being sentanced for 8 months
first offence, generating an even larger need for more
jail space.  It is my observation that with all the
given figures available that the numbers are of there
capasity throughout the year. Those that came to the
conferance  saw the conditions here, and many of the
facts were well explained and re-defined.

> FWD  Associated Press - AP Wire Service - Oct 12,
> 1999
> BOSTON (AP) _ Homeless shelters throughout
> Massachusetts
> overflowed for the first time ever during the summer
> months of
> July, August and September, homeless advocates
> announced.
> ``It's the kind of record we hate to announce,''
> said Philip
> Mangano, executive director of the Massachusetts
> Housing and
> Shelter Alliance, which has collected data from
> shelters for a
> decade.
> ``We are fighting a losing battle as more and more
> people come
> to our front doors,'' Mangano said Tuesday.
> The problem is not limited to large cities, he said.
> Shelters
> also turned away homeless people for the first time
> during the
> summer in Northampton, Lawrence, Leominster, Salem,
> Lynn, Quincy,
> Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Cambridge and
> Somerville.
> ``We've never experienced, ever, so many people, so
> long into
> the year _ there is no precedent for a summer of
> overflow,'' said
> Frank Keough, director of Springfield's Friends of
> the Homeless.


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