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well guys - it just never stops! i've got 4 more interesting/exciting
upcoming events to tell you about, 2 of which are already taking place
tomorrow! (by this i mean Wednesday, Oct 20, in case you are reading
this in the am and it is already wednesday...)  pick and choose as you
like - and remember, the more volunteers for the Throne Speech demo on
Thursday at 11am the merrier - just give me a call (703-8482, x411) and
i'm sure i can find a banner for you to carry! as for the rest, here

1 -  A Mass Squeegee-In at Queen's Park Wednesday afternoon!

Message from Bill Howes at Metro Toronto Labour Council:

Please consider joining us as we tell Harris & Co. to attack poverty and
homelessness - not squeegees.

Labour Supports the rights of Squeegees

Wednesday, October 20th at 2:00pm

Trade unionists will show their support for "squeegees" by holding a
"squeegee-in" at Queen's Park on the opening day of the Legislature.

This action is in response to the Harris government's targeting of
squeegees as a "first priority" in the new legislative session.

Union activists are invited to join us as we deliver a message to the
Harris regime - "Attack homelessness. Don't attack squeegees."

(Bring your own squeegee, bucket, and union banner or flags. We'll bring
leaflets urging drivers to oppose the government initiative.)

Sponsored by the Toronto & York Region Labour Council.
For more information call (416) 441-3663.

2 - The 1% Solution hits national prime-time TV!

Counterspin, the CBC Newsworld program hosted by Avi Lewis, is doing a
show at 8.30 p.m. (EST) Wednesday, Oct 20th on the One Percent Solution.
Among the guests are: an "economist" from the Fraser Institute; Liberal
MP John McKay; NDP MP Libby Davies; and our very own Michael Shapcott
[yes, "the" Michael Shapcott].  Tune in and send us your psychic

3 - Free Screening of New Award-Winning Film Starring  GARY FARMER and
STEPHEN OUIMETTE - To Raise Awareness of the Critical Needs of the

 >From Street Health:
On Thursday, October 21, a new feature film starring Canadian acting
veterans Gary Farmer and Stephen Ouimette will have its Toronto premiere
at the Danforth Music Hall as part of an awareness- and fund-raising
event for Street Health.

The film, Heater, the first feature film from award-winning
writer/director, Terrance Odette, depicts a day in the life of two
homeless men as they contend with a variety of obstacles en route to
accomplishing a pressing mission.

Following the film, a reception will be held across the street at the
Black Swan Tavern for a tax-receiptable donation of $50 to Street

Street Health has an intriguing connection to the film: Inspiration for
the screenplay developed out of the first-hand experiences of Odette's
wife Alicia on the street: She is a Street Health nurse. "Alicia's
experiences at Street Health have really opened my eyes. I am constantly
amazed at the capacity of the human spirit to survive with dignity,"
says Odette.

Heater was invited to screen at this Halifax and Vancouver Film

For the past 13 years, Street Health has been working with the homeless
population in downtown Toronto providing nursing care, mental health and
AIDS/HIV preventative outreach, and identification services on the
street, in drop-ins and day shelters. Nurses and volunteers have worked
with over 100,000 people to date, and with the current state of social
funding, numbers will continue to grow.

"This will be an exciting event. The film touched us all at Street
Health. Gary Farmer and Stephen Ouimette are brilliant at bringing to
life the people we meet everyday in our work and their ongoing struggle
to survive," says Street Health's executive director Laura Cowan.

Showtime is 6:45 p.m. and entry to the film is free, on a first-come,
first-served basis on the night of the event, or you can get free
tickets at Suspect Video (605 Markham Street) and Pages Bookstore (256
Queen St. W.) or through Street Health (tel. 921-8668). Donations of
cash and/or clean
(preferably new) socks, hats and mitts will be gratefully accepted.
Tickets for the reception are available through Street Health.

Film director Terrance Odette and his wife Street Health nurse Alicia
Odette are available for interviews.

For media information, please contact:
Kate George     (416) 778-5306

Late-breaking news: Terrance Odette was awarded the Best Emerging
Director Award and Best Screenplay Award at the Vancouver International
Film Festival last week. (Congratulations!)

4 -  Bringing Home The Homeless - CBC Radio show

Frances Bula, appointed by The Toronto Star as an Atkinson Fellow, has
spent the last year looking at housing and homelessness issues. Her
series of articles is about to run in The Toronto Star. She is also
featured in a pair of CBC (99.1 FM) Ideas programs at 9 p.m. (EST) on
Monday the 25th and the following Monday.

High Michael Shapcott recommendation:  I have seen first drafts of some
of Frances' material and it looks very good.  I think that we can expect
it to raise the profile of these issues and, in particular, to reinforce
the strong link between housing and homelessness.