Ending Homelessness with Vision In Action

Sun, 17 Oct 1999 14:18:43 -0400

VISION IN ACTION FOR ENDING HOMELESSNESS is holding a high vision for New
York's people.  We envision the coming of a Golden Age for the city of New
York, a city created by our love for others and for ourselves.

As people come together in love, homelessness as we know it will disappear.
The vision and empowerment for this is being held worldwide.

We are planting more seeds of this vision today, and people like you are
making this project successful.

Vision in action is an umbrella organization formed so that all of us can
join together in:
*Holding the vision
*Flooding the city with information about this vision
*Spreading and sharing uplifting stories of homelessness and homecoming
*Teaching people to "fish instead of giving a fish"
*Learning from the experiences of the homeless
*Finding the silver lining where we once saw only clouds
*Giving many people an opportunity to take part--as their hearts lead them
*Prayer and vision holding

We base this work on universal laws, such as the law of the circle(the law
of giving and receiving).  What you send out or give comes back to you

We invite you to celebrate and hold this vision with us.  Your heart will
guide you to your highest good.


*VISION HOLDING CELEBRATIONS                                    
*WELCOME VOLUNTEERS                                                   

We accept and give thanks for all the support and gifts that this vision
generates......for individuals, for New York City, and for the world.

We welcome your calls to (732) 739-3984
                      Your faxes to (732) 264-8232
                       e-mails to cblue@mindspring.com
                    Or write to: Carola Van Dusen
                                        79 First Street
                                        Keyport, NJ  07735