Passage of this as a law

Bill Tinker (
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 21:27:25 -0400

This is a small step but it still does not keep one man,woman or child from
being cold tired or hungry,does it?
 The agenda should read Clinton signs anti-poverty bill,and homelessness is
outlawed in the America,s and anybody not having a safe abode will be found
one with in 10 working days....To good to be true,why ?
 All the world knows that we that greatest nation in the free world is
punishing its citizens that are disabled,and homeless by inane laws and
attempts to discredit the physical needs of the poor and disabled.It is hard
to see back slapping when we still have people dying all over the
Americas,and most could have been prevented.
 We need to do more than pray,we must use every devise we can to save our
fellow man,life is a precious thing to waste this is our world,lets do
something to change it for the better.
 I know that nothing ventured is nothing gained or lost,but in this case
every day we delay getting motivated to salvage one lost soul is one that we
can,t say we intervened to help !                      Bill Tinker