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Subject: san: MUMIA: 3 Arrested at Toronto Demo

TORONTO -- A militant demo of over 250 people rallied against the
impending execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal in front of the US consulate in
Toronto today (Saturday). After approximately an hour of picketing ,
speeches were made in defence of Mumia and  against the racist system in
Canada and the killings of people of colour by the Toronto police and
the murder of Dudley George by the OPP in Ipperwash. To further the
point about the complicity of the Canadian state and the police in
racism the demo than proceeded to march to Toronto Police Headquarters.
Police lined up on University Avenue to stop us from taking the street
and after a standoff of several minutes cops begand to push the crowd
and physically grab and hold people while telling them to  move.  Mayor
Mel Lastman's investment in "target policing" paid off when two
demonstarators were targeted by police and bogusly arrested (one on his
bike was jumped by several cops), beaten up and charged with assault
police (which is what cops charge you with when they assault you). The
demo proceeded to the copshop on College street where more militant
speeches followed. This pissed off the cops further and one person,
Jaggi Singh, was grabbed by cops for the "crime" of writing on the
sidewalk with chalk. He's apparantly been charged with trespassing.
Jaggi is especially hated by the cops for his role in the anti-APEC demo
in Vancouver and had been pointed out by cops earlier in the demo.

Anyone who saw these arrests is a witness. Please write down what you
saw on paper while it's still fresh in your mind and either phone the
Friends of Mumia at 416-760-2152 and leave contact info or email me at
alehrer@sprint.ca and I'll forward your info and I'll forward your info
to the defence team for the three arrested people.

Friends of Mumia will be meeting this Thursday at 6:30 at Hart House to
plan Toronto actions in defence of Mumia. Urgent action is needed to
save Mumia's life. It was mass action that won Mumia a stay of execution
in 1995 and it will be a mass mobilization which must and will save him
this time.




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