Mean streets

Bill Tinker (
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 00:31:46 -0400

 Spare change?
 It is time america,and its neighboring Canada took a serious look at what
the disabled and homeless populations are up in arms about.
 I am shocked and disgusted with all of our current political candidates for
presidential office.Not one of them including the front runners(shrub)
George w.Bush have committed them selves to helping the homeless,or the
disabled in their struggles.
 We the advocates and hapless,need to get these candidates committed and
hold them to it,we don,t need another Mayor Brown type re-elected,he has
shot him self in the foot way to many time already...Keep it up big guy you
will surely be elected for a post that is far away from the front lines and
there you can,t hurt yourself or more importantly cause any more trauma to
the displaced and disabled because yes many homeless persons are disabled
 My fight is not with public officials as much as it is with the un
realistic bean counters that keep trying to confuse issues hoping that all
hot the issues will die out on there own.
 I don,t see how we can ever vote some one back into office that can,t tell
the truth even when given truth serum!
 I am blessed I don,t have to return to the cold mean streets yet I got
redetermined, I am now officially considered physically disabled,it took a
heart operation(valve implants) arthuritis in both knees,two hernia
repairs,and at least nine prescriptions for medications to convince social
security I was and am disabled and medically needy! Oh I will have to have
total knee replacements in about 6 years.
 I really pray to a higher power that we can solve the seemingly impossible
problems with poverty and discrimination and abuse of both the homeless and
disabled persons .....And there are some people who could help these
programs and not even blink a eye,Trump,Forbes,to name a couple.
 I am serious when I say that if I could publicize this and get some big
name sponsers moving on recruiting money for these more than worthy
campaigns,I would return to the streets so I could march with our brothers
and sisters..
 Because if a cause is worth fighting for it is worth suffering for,and I
can,t tell you how bad it makes me feel to quit or give up a quest that is
 So I leave off from pushing my hunt and peck finger on the key boards
untill I hear some favorable response towards a
international,Canadian-American coalition to end homelessness run by the
homeless is off the ground,because I am but one voice in the wilderness and
no one hears my crys of anguish.
                                              Sincerely yours,
                                                  Bill Tinker