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Fri, 15 Oct 1999 15:55:59 -0400

 This makes a whole lot of common sense to me too!I am currently not
homeless but believe that history does repeat it self so I won,t say it can
not happen,it has already happened to auto workers and oil rig workers and
ask the father or mother who got served divorce papers and had five minutes
to get what they wanted and get out.
 Perhaps John said best,because their are some excellant minds that are
homeless give them the job,and housing,makes a whole lot of sense to me. And
one less family or person walking those mean streets!
 Sorry if I got carried away but job offers are great,but housing(safe)is
better......                  Bill

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> 600 X 12 = 7200 = .3 = minimum wage under the living
> wage appendix for Boston aprox. 24,000 dollars there
> for you desire to pay mid management 20% more than
> minimum wage to write grants.  UNBELIEVABLE  Your
> better offering 2 TANF recipients free housing to
> write the grants.  That way they know something about
> the process and can really use the experience to
> acquire the skills.
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