Hey Tom!

Grassroots Media Network (gnn@grassrootsnews.org)
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 22:49:35 -0500

Hi Tom and everyone,

Tom, Did you get home from Austin OK?

Sorry I hadn't asked sooner but I came down with something awful and have
been sick for the last few days.

I'm feeling a bit better now.

I wanted to say that I had a great weekend talking with you and am looking
forward to more organizing together. The Conference went off very well. I
think we've made some great strives in getting various communities
together. We've been swamped with calls and e-mail from people and
organizations wanting to work with us.

House the Homeless and Dialouges people are meeting with us here in Austin
on the 24th of October to try and create a coalition for Austin activists.

I want everyone to compliment Stephen Meeks on his awesome work on the
Grassroots Media Conference and his and Tom's great workshops! I feel some
stupendous things coming for us!

Keep up the great work on the list and I hope to visit Boston soon.


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