Three ways to improve our lots in life

Bill Tinker (
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 19:34:31 -0400

We can write congress and tell them what needs to be done there e-mail
address is   .
 We can let our Governors and Mayors know that we will not tolerate any body
else dying on those mean streets.We can also by contacting the above e-mail
let Bill Clinton know that things can not continue the public discrimination
and so many newly passed laws on the homeless and disabled.
 We the ones advocating that federal money must be assigned each state to
save human life,then nail the chief with the homeless committee angle,I
think most of our congress men would go for it especially if they see we
have done all the leg work,well don,t want to bore any one but myself having
been cold hungry and now disable,I for one would love to not hear any more
horror stories I would like to confront our countries leaders and ask how
many of them could survive what our brothers and sisters and children have
been through.
 Would they be happy ?Chang is needed now!
 We can and should get the homeless to vote because that is the only way we
can change some things other things some times you have to sacrifice your
self being arrested to get the proper news reports,civil disobedience does
work if staged right and the media knows in advance and is there to let the
world watch what is unfolding,at any rate I have said enough I welcome any
opinons ideas to get our homeless people off the cold cruel streets before
they are destroyed!!