Shelters closing?

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 Graeme,and advocates all over the north american continent:
  Each day that we allow the powers to be to inflict their pain and
suffering on a group of population,that has had so much thrown at them
already we are in fact turning our head.This is called enablelism,allowing
things to happen because of our inability to provide the needed plans to
stop poverty and discrimination against our bro,and sis?Send us some e-mail
addresses and I will be for one happy to let the officials know that closing
any shelter at this juncture is tantamount to murder. ...Please if you have
some e-mail addresses send them out...Thank you very much!
 This is only my opinon and thoughts but since there is a disabled
population in the USA and God only knows how many displaced  families and
permanently homeless,what about a really big push to get out the vote,and
organize to vote to change things????
 I am both disabled and have been homeless myself and truely believe that
that this is the year we have to all work togather to solve this very
serious situation,on the home front ,and to do this we need to stick
togather to let the government know that we are fed up with quick fixes .
 That something must be done immediately,because we can not afford to lose
another brother or sister to the streets.
 I believe their are lists for disabled as well as for the homeless and if
we who have computors can do this right we could do a lot of good towards
solving the two most discriminated groups of peoples problems.And that could
be a coalition of disabled and the handicapped togather to be more vocal,and
to get heard and get the job done.
 Could you envision a 3,000,000 person march to end hunger poverty,and
ablelism all in this millenium????????
 Impossible you say only if we don,t do it and I believe that this a as
worthy a cause as any one could find now if" we the people" act while the
idea is fresh in our minds perhaps this could snow ball into a movement that
could not be stopped untill it is resolved once and for all.!!
 Once again these are only the dreams of one person,magnify them by millions
and we got stroke(clout)...There are 54 million disabled persons in the USA
alone,homeless not known .
 Thank you for listening>>>>> Bill

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> The Toronto Star October 14, 1999
> Workers plead to keep shelter open
> West-end homeless have no alternatives to armoury beds
> By Catherine Dunphy
> Toronto Star Feature Writer
> If you close it, people will die.
> That was the message yesterday from a group of front-line workers with the
> homeless, two months before the federal government is scheduled to shut
> its 150-bed temporary homeless shelter at the Fort York Armoury, and one
> after the Throne Speech dealt with the issue of homelessness in a single
> sentence.
> ``We have no confidence (the federal government) will keep shelters open
> that lives won't be threatened,'' said outreach worker Beric German at the
> armoury yesterday.
> Toronto's shelters have been jammed all summer and there are already
> sleeping on mats in hallways at some hostels, German said. When the
> closes, people will have to sleep outside.
> Gordon (Billie) Smith, 50, may be one of them. It took him 1 1/2 weeks to
> get a place in the armoury. Some of those nights, staff found another bed
> for him. On others, he slept outside.
> ``Honestly,'' he said, ``I don't know where I'll sleep when they close the
> armoury.''
> German says he doubts the city will be able to shelter all the homeless
> the armoury is closed. ``We have a very simple message: Keep this shelter
> open,'' he said.
> But Canadian Forces spokesperson Maj. Stephane Grenier said yesterday that
> the army plans to move back into the armoury on Dec. 15.
> City officials confirmed last week they wouldn't be needing it, he said.
> ``We were told we would notice a decrease in the number of people using
> armoury starting Nov. 15.''
> Although the city's shelter manager acknowledges that Toronto's emergency
> shelters have been full for weeks, John Jagt has also stated there will be
> 675 new beds in place before winter, and that Toronto will have 2,900 beds
> for use when the Fort York shelter closes.
> Mayor Mel Lastman won't be asking for an extension for the armoury
> said Jim Warren, the mayor's spokesperson, yesterday.
> ``We're going to open up 675 new beds (by the time it closes), and they
> be better suited to take care of the homeless,'' Warren said. ``The
> was always temporary.''
> But the community workers say that number won't be enough to shelter all
> homeless this winter.
> ``Our numbers are up 15 to 20 per cent from last summer,'' said Michelle
> Heath, executive director of The Meeting Place, a drop-in centre at
> and Queen Sts.
> The armoury is the only homeless shelter in the west end. No plans for new
> shelters in the area have been announced.
> ``We are seeing huge increases in numbers,'' said Laura Cowan, executive
> director of Street Health. ``We are scared to death of what we are going
> see in the next few months.''