Re: Starting a national movement to end poverty and homelessness ?

Bill Tinker (
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 21:11:46 -0400

Hello Every One...
 America needs your minds and help>>>>>

 I am really impressed with our advocates rallying behind and with persons
who have it tougher than we do..I admire and believe where there is a will
there has to be away.
 So here is my proposal it is rough so forgive me but its a idea.
 If we were to go state to state we need to select spokesmen or women from
each state,of course our goals would be the betterment of our fellow man
kind,it always has been.
 Perhaps we could then send a couple of each group to Washington DC,or
another spot to attempt to wrench out some of those tax dollars that are
spent frivolously on grants such as"the sex life of the monarch butterfly" I
believe the grant was for $500,000.00 and guess what the monarch butterfly
only lives a few weeks.
 At any rate I am sure we have enough good minds that could come up with
some excellant ideas and then we can talk to the minds that run our
countries,and controlls the money.
 I would love to see Bill Clinton approched with this before he left office
I would almost bet he,d support our plight and pleas for financial help,he
may be a womanizer but he knows his politics and if presented to him as
doing or resolving the homeless and poverty issues before the millenium I
would bet the farm his ego would make him be the man of the century..
 Because he would be cited for it and perhaps even get the noble peace prize
award,we have to play on some of these persons personas ..I think you can
follow me here,but anyhow I can,t do this myself and neither can any other
one person,and we must do this as a unit or we are yelling in the wilderness
all alone,...
 Ok I am now requesting that every one start this campaign or else suggest
more ideas that are better and we can go from there!!!!
                          Bill Tinker

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  Even though we are all busy, I agree. We need some national movement to
address the inequities of being homeless and poor. There may be a way of
ding in state by state, local groups. Then joining together. What do folks
think of this strategy?

  In Providence we have a grassroots group composed of homeless and former
homeless people. I am sure they may be interested in joining in with some
groups on a national effort. Fact is we are small but spunky:).

  How would we do this? And what do you think the major point should be?