Perhaps voting or getting every thats homeless to vote inSF?

Bill Tinker (
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 19:40:52 -0400

 Do you think that you could mobilize the homeless in SF to get them to the
polls to vote against this traitor to his own personal words?
 This might be the way to gain a victory that the homeless can llive
with,there must be some one crusading to help resolve poverty and
 Get rides to the polls set up and pass out literature to all the homeless
this could be a start of a really big movement to have a democratic and
mayor that is not unable to accept wrong and blame when it clearly falls in
his own lap.
 You have to love this guy he,s so darn predictable any first year psych
major could tell you where he,s going next,but he is not safe in public
office maybe working as a sanitary engineer,lol!
 No I am behind you in this fight and like I said to the Marchers of the
America,s,the world is watching and we believe in your mission,and in
reality the police should have set up a safe marching route .,some times you
need to chew the gum in your mouth a little harder and smile even when the
feces hits the fan,I am just learning how to do that myself now....
 I would still like slick Willie Browns e-mail address as I am sure their
are many more who would e-mail him if they had this...Thanking you in
advance..........Bill Tinker