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Thomas Cagle (
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 08:53:25 -0400

Hi Bill you may or may not recall the old COINTELOPRO days but this
smacks not so much of political activism control but the seedier side of
those days when the FBI and local police forces devoted an inordinate
amount of time surveying the weakest and slowest groups that could
possibly be identified. One was a parish group that sent food down to
central america, another was a boy scout group that sent cloths.

When under FOIA they (the FBI) were forced to disclose, it quickly became
obvious that there was little expectation to actually catch anyone doing
terrorist activity, rather they were simply safe and easy to monitor.
Sort of a weird application of "round up the usual suspects".

This is just more of the same, for an election year. 

What it IS, is a huge waste of money diverted from doing things like
actually catching criminals, these folks are going to be processed out of
jail in record time due to overcrowding and Willie will be able to strut
and make grandiose claims.

Your request for eddress to point out that the Emperor--Willie Brown has
no cloths on this issue, is the best angle to work from  our remote
place. He has no shelter beds, or jail beds, nor is the state going to be
likely to find thousands of beds in the prison system for a  San
Francisco merchant's relief program.

Just my two cents, from here.

Tom C 

On Wed, 13 Oct 1999 07:35:30 -0400 "Bill Tinker"
<> writes:
>I would like to lend my voice and computer towards resolving these
>search and seizures of personal belongings by the police whom 
>certainly are not doing their job to protect and serve.
>I can remember when I was carrying all my belongings in garbage bags. It
>tough trying to keep every thing together,and now a vengeful spiteful
>little man is issuing orders to further harass the already
disadvantaged, I
>am P.O. hopefully Willie "boy"Brown will never be homeless! But I am
>he,d have a warm reception,OK enough of that,I would like to offer any
>I can towards mailing this guy nasty grams or contacting persons who
>want to solve the transient and homeless issues,not make them suffer
> I believe we can win this one if we are dogmatic enough.
> So if any one has any of these persons e-mail addresses please forward
>to me or to the group and I am sure others will write a few things to
>the mayors and figure heads know how popular they are lol.
>      Bill Tinker

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>  Greeting's
>  This whole controversy of the shopping carts is silly. Why must they
>harass folks. I would love to ask folks to take to the streets with 
>shopping carts..fill the streets with folks using carts. Let them try 
>arrest everyone.
>  I feel your pain. How can I help? Is there someone I can email or 
>call to
>lobby for a change for the shopping cart law?
>  I am so saddened that folks would feel threatened by a shopping 
>Most of the carts used by folks are old and they have been in their
>possession for years...good god some communities even pass them out to 
>to store their things in.
>  I am with you on this can we help?
>  Catalina

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