homeless shopping cart recall by police?

Bill Tinker (wtinker@fcgnetworks.net)
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 16:36:57 -0400

Tom C.Tom B.Bunny M.and group;
 We must look at this in the proper context.And realize that the orders came
down from a desperate man that has gone pack on his campaign promises and is
a vindictive andvengefull person.
 I remember when I was carring every thing I owned in garbage bags and was
afraid I might lose everything I owned.
 That the police are after years attempting to take back shopping carts
doesn,t show much for their motto to protect and serve does it?I would think
that they would have other things to do such as arresting some real
 Also couldn,t these shopping cart raids be considered a form of illegal
search and seizure?
 It appears that Mayor Brown and others do not want to solve the displaced
or disadvantaged problems,they only want to add to it.
 If some one could give me an e-mail address of some of these top officals I
for one would be glad to send them a nasty gram,they need to know that the
world is watching and that this publicity could end their political
 God Bless! I hope I can be of service too.