Homeless committee action,???????

Bill Tinker (wtinker@fcgnetworks.net)
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 13:45:40 -0400

It is with happiness I see Mayor Brown Pulling the wedgey out of his butt he
blundered badly and he got caught again I hope that no one remembers his
name in three weeks except to say is that the guy who
has been causing so many problems and who is a limp fish,and to re-elect
this man..No Way. I have a project I,d like to see implimented a north
american coilition for the homeless by the homeless,And if some body can
keep the politicians campaign promises to a T,then if we can approach
thePrez.Clinton with this idea,to allow the homeless to have a say in all
affairs for the homeless than maybe we could solve most of the displaced
american,and canadians problems...I am not positive that this can be
accomplished but if we could all basically work to gather say disabled
people and the homeless this could be a movement to stop all movements???
 I don,t pretend to have the answers but think about it this is possible if
we take to the streets and really get in the news about this because this is
our first amendment rights to speak out and By God lets do this one for our
fellow man...