response to Bill Tinker from Terry Bivens

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Wed, 13 Oct 1999 08:25:38 -0700 (PDT)

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Non-member submission from ["Terry B." <>]

First off I have to say that every right-wing
politician can be bought. They only say they are on
the side of the poor and homeless to get the "vote".
WQe must hold the politicians in check. We must
continually build and organize every step ahaed of
them. The right plan of action must be taken.

 I believe we must organize the homeless to take
direct action againsat the condition they are forced
to live in. I am to ex-homeless, while being homeless
I formed the Homeless Power Union.

 The Homeless Power Union as well as other
organizations took control of city council meetings.
It was here that the debate of the homeless was
carried, as well as othe demonstrations and pickets.
It brought the issues of homelessness to the
foprefront. Because a fight was carried.

 We musty organize anyone we can. Voting won't dso it,
all politicins in my view are the same.

Terry Bevins

Homeless Power Union
National Women's Rights' Organizing Coalition
Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action