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Bill Tinker (
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 07:35:30 -0400

I would like to lend my voice and computor tpwards resolving these illegal
search and seizures of personal belongings by the police whom certainly are
not doing their job yo protect and serve.
 I can remeber when I was carrying all my belongings in garbage bags. It was
tough trying to keep every thing togather,and now a vengefull spitefull
little man is issueing orders to further harrass the already disadvantaged,I
am P.O. hopefully Willie "boy"Brown will never be homeless! But I am sure
he,d have a warm reception,OK enough of that,I would like to offer any help
I can towards mailing this guy nasty grams or contacting persons who still
want to solve the transient and homeless issues,not make them suffer more.
 I belive we can win this one if we are dogmatic enough.
 So if any one has any of these persons e-mail addresses please forward them
to me or to the group and I am sure others will write a few things to let
the mayors and figure heads know how popular they are lol.      Bill Tinker

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  This whole controversy of the shopping carts is silly. Why must they
harass folks. I would love to ask folks to take to the streets with their
shopping carts..fill the streets with folks using carts. Let them try to
arrest everyone.

  I feel your pain. How can I help? Is there someone I can email or call to
lobby for a change for the shopping cart law?

  I am so saddened that folks would feel threatened by a shopping cart.
Most of the carts used by folks are old and they have been in their
possession for years...good god some communities even pass them out to folks
to store their things in.

  I am with you on this can we help?