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Bill Tinker (
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 18:38:08 -0400

 To All Advocates:
  It is atypical of the police to do whats told of them,and I for one find
that the arrests of peacefull marchers to be in violation of their civil
rights,I know that they are on a mission,and a good one and I pray that this
form of harrassment stopsNow!!!!
 Do you have the e-mail address so we could send letters of protest to the
local news agencys and police in Marykand???
 If so let us have it. Thanks.         Bill Tinker at

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> The arrrests of these individuals is an outrage....
> .....a peaceful march of citizens under the first
> amendement of the constituiton should go on...
> "peace officers" the police persons in question
> should have had an alternate route for the
> march...well ahead of the march coming through their
> town if that particualr bridge was "unsafe" for
> pedestrian traffic....
> e-mail address and contact numbers to inundate
> this town's office would be appreciated...
> ....clog up their e-mail, phones and faxes in
> sol8idarity of this flagrant violation of our first
> amendment rights......
> Peace and Solidarity;
> Stephen "Twig" Meeks
> Austin, TX
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