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H. C. Covington -- I CAN America (icanamerica@email.msn.com)
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 01:48:40 -0500

INNONET IS . . . .

Innovation Network, Inc. (InnoNet) is a fast growing nonprofit
organization dedicated to enabling public and nonprofit organizations to
become learning organizations.  InnoNet believes in the power of new
information technologies to transform the culture of nonprofit agencies
and the provision of technical assistance to these agencies.

InnoNets web site goes beyond the standard use of the World Wide Web as
a bulletin board of information.  We have created an Internet
application program with a question-and-answer format to allow users to
create plans directly on the web.  The site is bolstered by an enormous
amount of new content -- including tips, examples and data collection
instruments such as surveys -- to be downloaded and used immediately.

Our philosophy is that the nonprofit sector should be a vanguard for
open systems and the free exchange of knowledge and information,
therefore there are no charges for any of the information or services on
the site.

InnoNet is in search of an energetic and creative person to serve as its
web site coordinator.  The web site coordinator helps users access and
best use our web site.  The web site coordinator helps to develop new
content for the site, works with an outside programming team, monitors
and evaluates the use of the web site by users, and conducts
presentations, workshops and trainings.
The web site coordinator reports directly to the Deputy Director.


Web site Responsibilities (80 percent of time)

Drafts web site content and design

Supervises contractors programming InnoNet's web site

Manages web hosting contractor

Troubleshoots web site; responds to users questions and helps to solve
their problems
Documents technical specifications for web site

Helps evaluate the use of the web site

Develops plans for developing, testing, and installing initial
components and upgrades for Web site

Reviews plans submitted through the Web site

Monitors performance of the Web site

Training on Web site (20 percent of time)

Develops user manual for Web site procedures

Develops presentation, workshops, and training agenda, curriculum, and
materials to promote  clients use of Web site

Conducts presentations, workshops, and training to promote Web site

Bachelors degree in public policy, computer science, or related field.
Experience in web site development and monitoring.  Ability to work on a
variety of tasks and multiple projects as well as attention to detail.
Interest and experience in nonprofit management.  Flexibility and
ability to meet strict deadlines.

Excellent interpersonal communication skills verbal and in writing.
Fluent verbal and written English.

Web site development and monitoring. Facility with Microsoft Office is
including Word, Excel, and Access as well as HTML and Front Page.

Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications.  InnoNet
employees receive health benefits, are eligible for a 401(k) program.
Employees receive annual leave of three weeks of vacation plus the week
between Christmas and New Years.

Please mail resume to:
Joanne Weinman
Innovation Network, Inc.
1001 Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20036

Or email resume to:
H. C. Sonny Covington - I CAN America
Management & Resource Consultants
P.O. Drawer 3444 - Lafayette, LA 70502
icanamerica@msn.com - Voice 1-318-781-0216