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Bill Tinker (
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 21:26:38 -0400

Perhaps it is time to recall,or request that Mayor Brown quietly ride off
into the sun set?
 I am not proud of politicians whom have to "LORD" it over some one that is
disadvantaged,mainly due through societys negative out look that is
projected by such a huge bumbling idiot,hey Willie Brown you are welcome to
eat with FNB at the next food pass out ....He would not show unless it were
to persecute some more displaced persons.
 We here in New hampshire invited our Governor to come sleep with us or to
eat a meal at the local soup kitchen,you know he did not show!!!!
 It is so very much a hypocrites style to do a 180 when the pressure is
on....Perhaps the HPN could get enough people to sign a petition to have him
removed for malfeasance????This public and private harrassment has to be
violating civil rights ,maybe some one should call civil liberties if they
have not yet?
 I will tell you that I am surprised that the police have not refused to do
his dirty work,as most police do have some kind of scruples...I realize they
were ordered to do this and it had to come down from the top dog.
 Any how I am appalled at this Nazi type of tactic,that he has implimented
history has shown that this conduct begets its own kind of just rewards....
 My prayers go out to you my brothers and sisters,and if my voice can help
you I hope that I can!
                                                   Sincerely Bill Tinker

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Subject: SF Mayor's Shopping Cart War

> From:  Coalition on Homelessness, SF  468 Turk Street, SF CA  94102
> Contact:  Judy Appel or Mara Raider at (415) 346-3740
> Mayor's Shopping Cart War Has Begun
> police orders shed light on city's plans.
> SAN FRANCISCO, October 11, 1999 - Beginning this week, Mayor Brown is
> launching a new citywide policy directing the seizure of shopping carts
> from homeless people under the presumption that the carts are stolen
> property.  The Coalition received the first reports of people being
> detained for pushing carts this morning, with some being brought in on
> old warrants for anti-homeless citations.
> The Coalition on Homelessness just received SFPD FOB General Order 99-03
> and the corresponding operations order laying out the plans for
> implementing this new policy.  The Coalition is available to provide
> copies of these orders upon request.
> Here Are The Facts:
> o   Every individual with a shopping cart will be detained.
> o   Despite the news reports that there will be no arrests, it will in
> practice be up to the officer to determine whether an individual in
> possession of a shopping cart will be admonished, cited or booked for
> the following crimes:
> * Possession of Stolen Property (misdemeanor or felony);
> * Misappropriation of Lost Property (misdemeanor);
> * Possession of Property from which identifying
> numbers or marks
> have been removed, altered or obliterated (misdemeanor); or
> * Unlawful possession of shopping carts (misdemeanor).
> The misdemeanors are all punishable by 6 months in jail and/or a $1,000
> fine, the felony could be used as a third strike resulting in 25 years
> to life.
> o   Any person who fails to surrender a shopping cart will be cited or
> booked.
> o   A photograph will be taken of each person with a cart, and an
> incident report filed for each detention.
> o   Department of Public Works (DPW) and Department of Public Health
> (DPH) workers will accompany officers in the field.  DPW will seize each
> shopping cart and DPH will search the property in the carts for
> "biohazardous materials".
> o   DPW will supply the individual with two plastic bags for their
> possessions.  Any possessions that can not fit in the plastic bags may
> be taken and stored in a city facility or thrown away.  The orders claim
> that there is storage available for people at the Pier 24 Annex, but no
> such storage exists.
> o   Assigned officers will be receiving overtime wages.
> o   "This comprehensive operation will be a coordinated effort though
> [sic] the Mayor's Office on Homelessness."
> The SFPD orders fail to advise officers that there are only shelter beds
> sufficient to serve 10% of San Francisco's homeless population and there
> are waiting lists for most services. The telephone number for the
> contact at the Department of Human Services (referred to as the
> Department of Social Services in the orders) is incorrect.  The
> Coalition on Homelessness has still been unable to identify what, if any
> resources from DHS will be redirected to this effort, but it is clear
> that if an outreach worker is assigned to work with the police they will
> be taken off of their current duties.