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I am fairly new at this but from all I have seen some on the job
experience,and living in that area would most likely be the best
qualifications for this job.
 I have to agree whole heartedly with John Macpherson on what he said,once
again I have only been homeless myself five times,but I think ou should hire
some one who is aware of local issues,and what needs to be done and not what
the political insiders consider important to their re-election bids....
Bill Tinker
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> May I apologize for what I am about to say.
> Your requirements for the job is not what you want and
> desire to happen.  You are requesting an over
> qualified  individual to organize and lead a community
> oriented taskforce for low income.
> Your costs of living is 25,000 per year by HUD.
>  It appears that your QUALIFIED individual needs to
> come from a NEWARK federaly subsidized housing project
> section 8.   They are familiar with the states tactics
> of welfare to work programming. Those parties have
> been studding urban development for the past 40 years.
>  They are truly qualified individuals in urban
> redevelopment.
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